Dança Oriental e Dança do Ventre


Shereen is a multi award winning oriental dance artist. Miss Bellydance of Europe 2010 from Berlin and Bellydancer of the Universe

2011 in Egyptian category and Taksim category from Long Beach, USA.
Her dance career started when she was 19 and moved to London to work in local middle-eastern clubs. The experience of working with live musicians developed Shereen’s interpretation skills and knowledge of the theory of arabic music. By the age of 21 she was already one of the most prominent dancers in London, performing at glamourous events for members of middle-eastern royal families and VIP’s (Elton John, Quincey Jones, Sharon Stone to name a few), traveling as a performer to Paris, Milan, Dubai, Gambia and other countries. After moving back to her hometown – Prague, she soon started traveling and teaching at international festivals. Recently she started spending her summertime in Asia where she has a busy workshop and show schedule in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan and Hong Kong. After winning the prestigious Bellydancer of the Universe contest she also got an invitation for a tour through USA and Mexico.
She is focused on egyptian classical style and folklore. Shereen greatly admires the Egyptian dance style od the 1940s, 50s and 60s due to its classic interpetation which she undertakes in perform.
Shereen is thankful for inspiration to all her teachers from which the biggest influence were Lulu Sabongi, Khaled Mahmoud, Jade Henriksen, Raqia Hassan and Orit Maftsir.

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