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Paula Palomares

Paula Palomares was born in Vitoria (Spain) on 12th November 1989. She started dancing Classical Ballet when she was 6 years old and did it for two years. Later on, she spent 7 years learning Basque Folklor Dance at the municipal school of Vitoria. In 2005, Paula discovered Oriental Dance, and immediately fell in love with it. Meanwhile, she also studied Indian Dance and Bollywood with the famous Indian actor and teacher Sunny Singh and Gisela. She started practicing Kung Fu – Wu Shu with Sifu Patxi Marta in Youchin’g martial arts school, Contemporary Dance with Edurne Martinez and Argentinian Tango. She still practises these last three arts.

Paula graduated in Advertisement and Public Relationships at the University of the Basque Country; but in 2010 she decided to devote her life to bellydance, so she started to combine being in college with her job as a bellydance teacher.

In 2005, Paula started her way on oriental dance with her first teacher Amira (from Vitoria). She was the one who transmited her the  most important essence of this dance and its emotions. Since 2010, she has been attending International Festivals in different Spanish cities  (such as Barcelona and Madrid) and other countries (like Egypt, United States, Hungary, France and Switzerland), in order to take classes with the best master teachers of oriental dance. These are the Festivals she has attended:

  • Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo
  • Nile Group Festival 2013 in Cairo
  • Cairo! Festival Budapest organized by Mercedes Nieto in Budapest, where she won de 2nd place in the competition and danced in Randa’s Show. In 2015, she was one of the invited artist of the Closing Gala and also the Show in honor to Mounir Abd el Aziz.
  • NYCairo Festival in New York organized by Mohamed Shahin in 2015, she was invited to perform at the Closing Dinner of the festival.
  • Nile Group Festival in Turin in 2014, she was invited to perform in the International Gala Show, and shared the stage with master artists such as Camelia of Cairo, Hatem Hamdy, Ahmed Refaat and Mohamed Hessam.
  • Egipto en Barcelona Festival organized by Munique Neith in Barcelona (various editions). She danced in the opening party of this Festival in front of the master teachers
  • Raks Madrid Festival organized by Nesma Al-Andalus in Madrid (various editions)
  • Zecrayet Festival organized by Myrto Kafkia in 2013 in Paris
  • Mahrajane Festival in Paris organized by Bina Danse in 2014, were she won two prizes on the professional soloist and group categories
  • Cabaret El Hob Festival in Stockholm organized by Alexandra Soto in 2015. Paula was the main teacher and star dancer of this festival.
  • Festival from Warda Mallal in San Sebastián in 2014. She was one of the main teachers in the festival and also one of the principal dancers in the gala
  • Habibi Oriental Festival organized by Miren Ripa in Pamplona (various editions). She danced in the International Gala of this Festival
  • Show Ahlam organized by Salima in Barcelona in 2013, where she danced with her group Bint El Amar from Barcelona (With her mates Jasmine Shoroq and Gemma Arnaiz)
  • Al Ahram Festival in Valencia in 2014 organized by Tito Seif
  • Raks Al-Sharq Festival organized by Dolunay Sahla and Nureen in Manresa
  • Sabadell Balla Oriental Festival organized by Laura Meca in Sabadell. She danced in the Opening Party of this Festival.
  • Aini Ya Aini Festival organized by Rosadela in Valencia. She danced in the Cairo Show Party of this Festival with a live band.
  • 1001 Y Una Noches Festival organized by Patricia Beltrán in Pamplona.
  • Tarabesque Festival organized by Salima in Barcelona (various editions). She won the First Prize in the Professional Category, and danced in the International Gala with the master teachers
  • Belly in Love Festival organized by Jaylane in Milan (Italy) in 2015. She was one of the international star dancers in the Gala Show.
  • Bellyfussion Festival organized by Sylvia Shazadi in Marbella. She danced in the National Gala of the Festival
  • Min Hobbi Cabaret Festival organized by Jasmine Shoroq in Barcelona in2013. she was the main star of the Festival and the main teacher of the workshops too
  • Raqs Mayurca Fest in Mallorca organized by Al Dayra in Mallorca in 2014. She was one of the main teachers of the festival and also one of the stars in the gala
  • Dancer in the Show Witchery Tarot organized by Yolanda Nahid in Madrid in 2013
  • Tarragona International Festival organizad by Aisha in Tarragona (various editions)
  • dancer in the Internacional Gala of Hob El Saif Festival in Barcelona organized by Jasmine Shoroq
  • Festival of San Sebastián organized by Analia Alfonso. She danced in the International Gala Show
  • Oriental Rouge Festival in Barcelona organized by Gemma Arnaiz. She danced in the Gala Show
  • Festival of Cervera. She danced in the Gala Show
  • BellyVal Festival in Valencia organized by Nuar Nair, where she danced in the international gala
  • Valencia Dance Festival in Valencia organized by Sara Ruiz

Moreover, Paula has worked as a bellydancer in some luxurious hotels in Egypt and Switzerland during the year 2013 and 2014, as well as a teacher in Budapest (in Mercedes Nieto’s well-known Nimfeum school), Portugal and Stocholm (master teacher in the festival organized by Alexandra Soto).

In January 2012 Paula organized her first and successful Bellydance Show called Wuahama in Vitoria: she invited different dancers, students and live musicians to perform in the stage. After that, she organized another show in May 2012 called Al-Qahira in Vitoria too: she invited more artists and organized some workshops with the excellent dancer Davinia Iñesta from Barcelona (now staying in Abu Dabi).  Her third Show was called Alegria and was celebrated in January 2013. Finally, her last show Leyla Amar took place in Vitoria in June 2013. She is now working on her fifth Show, which will be first shown in March 2014.

These have been her oriental teachers: Mercedes Nieto, Mahmoud Reda, Dina, Raqia Hassan, Dr. Hassan Khalil, Randa Kamel, Mohamed Kazafy, Wael Manssur, Tito Seif, Nour, Farida Fahmy, Mo Geddawi, Amir Thaleb, Khaled Seif, Saida, Yamil Annum, Jillina, Zaza Hassan, Momo Kadous, Khaled Mahmoud, Mohamed Shahin, Yousry Sharif, Nour, Hatem Hamdy, Asmahan, Camelia of Cairo, Osama Emam, Mohamed Refaat, Carla Pedicone, Soraia Zaied, Nesma Al-Andalus, Munique Neith, Dariya Mitskevich, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Azad Kaan, Katalin Breban, Mustafa Siina,  Yael Zarca, Rosadela, Salima, Effendi Dabke Tarshulat, Morgana, Leila del Cairo, Jade el Jabel,  Lulu Sabongi, Narjess Montaser, Aziza from Canada, Elena Ramazanova, Faren Ben Azira, Davinia Iñesta, Guan Shengsong, Leila of Serbia, Yana Soklakova, Gitza Krotzsch, Jasmine Shoroq, Gemma Arnaiz, Samira Stella, Aisha, Elnaz of Sweeden, Maria of Sweeden, Nerea Al-Qamar and Gisela.

She has also taken intensive modules for Oriental Teacher Formation with the dancer and teacher Munique Neith in Barcelona.

She has promoted the oriental dance in her city by organizing different classes, workshops and shows. Teachers like Davinia Iñesta, Gemma Arnaiz and Jasmine Shoroq from Barcelona, Nerea Al-Qamar from Pamplona and Edurne Martinez from Vitoria have been her guest teachers. Paula has been also invited to perform in some national and arabian weddings in Spain.

She likes helping other people. That way, she organizes activities for charity. For example, in January 2015, Paula organized some workshops with “Sonrisas de Bombay” Organization, so she helped collecting money to build schools and hospitals in India.

Paula is part of the organization of ISIS Cultural Association here in Vitoria. She has been also one of the members of Arima Bellydance’s Group in Vitoria since 2008 (she is its main choreographer and director) and Bint El Amar Group in Barcelona since 2013 (with her mates Jasmine Shoroq and Gemma Arnaiz). These groups have performed in different Spanish cities. One of Arima’s most important performances took place in the famous and luxurious Carlton Hotel in Bilbao in front of the Egyptian Embassy.

Competiton Prizes:

  • 1st prize, professional category, Habibi Oriental Festival in Pamplona in 2012, organized by Miren Ripa, in front of Ahmed Refaat and the rest of the jury
  • 1st prize, professional category, Tarabesque Festival in Barcelona in 2013, organized by Salima, in front of Mercedes Nieto, Osama Emam and the rest of the jury
  • 1st prize, group category, for her group Bint El Amar in Mahrajane Festival in Paris 2014
  • 1st prize, group category, for her group Bint El Amar in Tarabesque Festival in Barcelona 2014
  • 2nd prize, professional category, Mahrajane Festival in Paris 2014, jury: Camelia of Cairo, Jillina, Amir Thaleb, Lulu Sabongi and the rest of the jury
  • 2nd prize, professional category, Tarabesque Festival in Barcelona in 2012
  • 2nd prize, professional category, Tarragona Oriental Festival in Tarragona in 2012, organizad by Aisha
  • 3rd prize, professional category, Sabadell Balla Oriental Festival in Sabadell in 2012, organized by Laura Meca, in front of Khaled Seif and the rest of the jury

In the summer of 2012, Paula travelled to Cairo for the first time to attend Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival, where she learned with some of the bests master teachers and competed with her first live band. Since then, she turns back to Cairo every summer to the Nile Group Festival, so that she can continue learning from Egyptian and international teachers, while she lives the real Egyptian people’s essence and life.


  • Weeklong teacher in Mercedes Nieto’s Nimfeum studio, Budapest, in 2014.
  • Master teacher in Stocolm (Sweeden) in the Festival organized by Alexandra Soto.
  • Regular classes in different dance schools and centres of Vitoria since 2007 until now.
  • Weeklong Workshops in different cities and towns of Spain such as Barcelona, Mallorca, Bilbao, Lérida, San Sebastián, Vitoria, Zalduondo, Alesanco and Labastida since 2010 until now.
  • Substitutions for some teachers as Mercedes Nieto in Budapest, as well as Gisela, Amira and Vanessa around the Basque Country since 2008.


Paula is a very energetic, positive and creative person, and she has a strong motivation to teach her students. In her classes, she achieves a happy and relaxed atmosphere. She is always encouraging her students to understand, appreciate and enjoy this art, so that they can become aware of having a healthy body position, work their attitude and coordination, and increase their self-steem in a very powerful and joyful way.


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