Anastacia Budur

Dança Oriental e Dança do Ventre

Anastacia Budur

Anastasia (who performs artistically under the Egyptian name “Budur”) was entranced by dancing from childhood.

After studying ballet, she moved on to Russian folk dance, modern dance and many other styles – and would have continued to search for something to truly inspire her artistic soul … until she fell in love with Oriental Dance. And this became her one true passion!

Anastasia was fascinated by this style which owed so much to Egyptian culture – and so began a love affair which has never wavered.

A deep study of Egyptian culture, it’s roots, it’s growth and the opportunities for expression gave Anastasia a real insight into dance as means to communicate real passion and emotion.

Starting from her home town of Volgograd, Anastasia opened her first dance school that would subsequently inspire many others to fall in love with this art form.

A career move to Holland enabled Anastasia to turn professional and teach in her own right – as well as perform professionally.

Working with the Baladi Dance Group (founded by the renowned Egyptian Teacher and Choreographer, Mahdy Emara) Anastasia began to attract global attention for her interpretations of Oriental Dance.

With their shows winning plaudits and accolades across Europe, they were invited to perform at VIP weddings and events – as well as for the Dutch Royal Family.

Never content with having a physical distance between herself and her “spiritual home”, Anastasia moved to Egypt to fully immerse herself in traditional Egyptian style and folklore. Whilst studying for her degree in Arabic (language and culture) she continued to develop her style and performed at the most exclusive parties and gatherings in Cairo, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Dahab, Taba, and Nuweiba.

Anastasia has won many prestigious awards in Europe and North Africa and in 2010 became the first winner of the International dance festival “Dance to Brazil” in Germany.

Now recognised as one of the leading talents in Oriental Dance, Anastasia is frequently invited as star guest performer and judge at the major oriental dance festivals – including “Mercado Persa”, Sao Paolo.

Having returned to her native Russia, Anastasia Budur is based in its cultural capital – St Petersburg and has opened her own dance school of Oriental Dance and Egyptian Folklore “Budur”. Never stop in your achievements, develop yourself and express your feelings – this is the style of her life!

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